An asteroid has destroyed Earth, and Commander Katz is piloting one of the last surviving ships across space in a desperate journey to save humanity. Everything is going alright, until he gets a message from his dead wife. Struggling with his failing mission, he tries to figure out the message and find hope in the emptiness of space.

This film is the first of a trilogy about individuals surviving total global devastation. I've long wondered about how people would face the challenges of near-futile missions, and what would happen to their psychological stability after long periods alone. Astronaut explores the life of one man as he dreams of the wife he left behind, and imagines her as a voice of the universe with a message to change his mission. There is a blending of dreams with reality, and the astronaut experiences his world as distant voices and lost love. This film is about trying to find hope in the face of futility.

This film was created by Rob Coshow, James Manning & Matthew Nash. Written & directed by Matthew Nash. Featuring Drew Katz, Alicia Turbitt, Lilia Volodina, James Manning & Becky Bettencourt. Edited by Matthew Nash & James Manning. Sound design by Jason Egan. Music by Paul & Nikki DePasquale. Production by Scott Bausemer, Sean Peloso, Zack Pullano, Jaclyn Poeschl, Ty Winter & Andrew Neumann. Additional footage courtesy Justin Freed. 3D Printing by Becky Bettencourt.
© 2017 by 454 Productions.


James Manning created this wonderful time-lapse of the making of this film.

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