Robyn wakes up to the realization that she's lost 6 months of her life. A senator is tied up in her closet and someone is breaking down her front door. She runs... but where?

This film was written & directed by Matthew Nash. Produced by Jason Egan, James Manning & Matthew Nash. Cinematography by Jeff Warmouth. Audio Engineer Samantha Carey. Lighting & engineering by Rob Coshow.

Starring Bree Elrod, Julia Messier, Colin Tracy, Santiago Semino, Mike Weiner, Drew Katz & Harry Phan.

Music by Jason Egan. Production by Carlin Francis, Paul Concemi, John Dalterio, Jacquelyn Decareau, Lindsay Chapin, Isaac Nicholas, Joe Gray, Josh Cornillon, Andrew Neumann, Jeff Smith, John O'Brien, Marissa Dembkoski, Joe DeFillippo, Niklas Weikert. Thanks to Robyn McCain.
© 2015 by 454 Productions.

Dysopticon was released at the Chain NYC Film Festival 2015. Watch the trailer below.

James Manning created this wonderful behind-the-scenes video of the making of Dysopticon.

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