Best Actress
Best Use Of Prop
After a one-night-stand, Julia realizes that she's stuck with two magical siblings with a lot of issues. When her date steals her bracelet, she takes on a quest to defeat him and win her jewelry back.

Created for the 48 Hour Film Project Boston 2017, The Evel Bracelet drew the category fantasy film.
All teams were had to include the following required elements:
Character: Lauren or Lawrence Soto, Mentor
Prop: a bracelet
Line: "I couldn't have said it better myself."

This film was directed by James Manning, written by Matthew Nash. Nash also directed the cinematography, and the film was edited by Nash & Manning with original sound by Jason Egan. Starring Julia Messier, Marielle O'Malley and Drew Katz. Production by Scott Bausemer & Mike Annear.
Created in Boston June 2-4, 2017.
©2017 by MadCat Productions.

This film was nominated for 6 awards at the "Best Of" screening in July 2017, winning awards for Best Actress (Marielle O'Malley) and Best Use of Prop (a bracelet). Nominations include Best Director (James Manning), Best Visual Effects (Matthew Nash), Best Use of Character (Marielle O'Malley as Lauren Soto) & Best Ensemble Cast (Katz, Messier and O'Malley).