Jason's movie career is in ruins. One afternoon he stops by a local bar, and shares his story with the bartender. He tells a tale of friendship ruined by movies, lost love and bad choices. Will he find redemption in the envelope he refuses to open?

Created for the 48 Hour Film Project Boston 2016, "Life After Goremaxx" drew the category coming of age story.
All teams had to include the following required elements:
Character: Paul or Paulette Kubiak, a connoisseur
Prop: an envelop
Line: "What's that supposed to mean?"

This film was created by Matthew Nash, James Manning, Rob Coshow, & Jason Egan. Nash also directed the cinematography, and the film was edited by Nash & Manning with original music by Egan. Starring Jason Egan, Matthew Gamber, Matthew Nash, Liz Washburn, Becky Bettencourt, Rob Coshow, Anni Abbruzzese & Scott Bausemer. Production by Scott Bausemer, John Dalterio, Anni Abbruzzese, & Becky Bettencourt.
Created in Boston May 13-15, 2016.
©2016 by MadCat Productions & 454 Productions.

James Manning created this wonderful time-lapse of the making of this short film.