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Harvey Loves Harvey is a collaboration between artists Jason Egan and Matthew Nash. Although we began collaborating in 1992, we have rarely lived in the same city.

Our work takes many forms, but is based in the complications of communication, friendship, and the difficulty of two people acting as one artist.

We embrace failure, probably more than we should.

For much of our work, we adopt the different roles that an artist must play. Sometimes an artist must expore and experiment, and so we are scientists. An artist must promote and sell their work, so we often play the salesmen. Once the ideas are formed and the pitch made, the work needs to be completed. So we are laborers. Of course, we also take positions and fight for our ideas. So sometimes we disagree.

The projects we undertake represent the diverse ways in which we have confronted the world, technology, and each other over the years. We create work that is meant to be challenging, but also intended to make you laugh. Over the years we've been a punk band, photographers, filmmakers, interventionists, storytellers and conceptual artists. Our tools change as our interests grow, but we hope that you find yourself laughing and thinking at the same time.

Visit our website for longer list of projects we've attempted over the years, or choose from one of the highlights below.

Aaron, Arlette, Harvey!
Where is Charles?
Patriot X
Live From 14th Street
The Bridge {refrain}
14 Actions for 14th Street
A Dialogue About Discourse, Between A Place Of Infinite Possibilities & A Site of Finite Impossibilities: What Are We Saying?
A Heart Divided
Harvey Loves Harvey Presents UNWOUND Live September 11, 2001 Recorded Live May 12, 2007
An Interactive Study Of Human Response To Mediated Actions Without Consequence: Naughty Or Nice?
Your Harvey At Work
A Multi-Planar Study Of Involuntary Response To The Lateral Impact Of Domestic Objects: Is It Funny?
Book Club
An Amount Of Candy The Exact Weight Of The Video Camera Monitoring It. You Cannot Have One.