For many years, my friends and I have participated in the Boston 48 Hour Film Project. We've created seven films total for the project. Here are selections from 2016 — 2019 to view. They are short, ridiculous films created in two days. They are always fun, and we strive to create something that makes you laugh while meeting the requirements of the project.

You'll see some familiar faces in these films. Of course, Jason Egan from Harvey Loves Harvey and We Listen 2 Records makes several appearances (especially in the sound score!), as does Matthew Gamber from Big Red & Shiny. You'll also see Drew Katz from Astronaut and Julia Messier from Dysopticon! Also, may of my students from Lesley Art + Design are on the crew too! When you have talented friends, you want to make a lot of films with them!

More importantly, it's great to have wonderful collaborators. My friend Jim Manning directed two of the films, which I wrote and edited. We work together very well and the results show it!