A woman tries to make the perfect Christmas, in the hopes that her lost love will come back if everything is perfect. Her roommate tolerates the holiday festivities. When a neighbor invites them downstairs to celebrate with friends, everything changes.

Created for the 48 Hour Film Project Boston 2018, A Wonderful Time of the Year drew the category holiday film.
All teams had to include the following required elements:
Character: Thelma or Thud Taylor, person of action
Prop: a flower
Line: "Let me think." (or "Lemme think.")

This film was directed by James Manning, written by Matthew Nash. Nash also directed the cinematography, and the film was edited by Nash & Manning with original sound by Jason Egan. Starring Julia Messier, Elizabeth Washburn and Drew Katz. Production by Scott Bausemer, Cindy Pena, Emily Barone, Grier Minos & Zack Pullano.
Created in Boston May 4-6, 2018.
©2018 by MadCat Productions.


James Manning created this wonderful time-lapse of the making of this short film.